We are COVID-19 Compliant!

This clinic is COVID safe!

Keeping you safe is our top priority!

We want to reassure you as dentistry continues to be an essential service and that we are taking all the necessary measures against the virus. We remain open and are here for all your essential dental needs

Hygiene and health should always be a priority for each of us, especially in this difficult time when we are surrounded by flu, COVID and other viruses. Dental aerosols are some of the most dangerous carriers of viruses and bacteria. The particles carried by dental aerosols remain in the atmosphere and on surfaces. Particles can spread up to 10 meters, even in areas where dental activity does not take place.

What actions we take to protect you:

 – Frequent disinfection of work surfaces.

 – Air purification regularly.

 – We always wear masks and protective equipment.

 – Sanitizing the cabinet frequently.

 – Anti-bacterial carpet.

 – The materials used are sanitized after each operation;

– Digital & contact-less sanitizer dispenser

– Digital signage 

– Pre-fill online form 

– Separate entrance / separate exit

– Q3 HEPA air filtration filters. We have invested in high-efficiency air filtration systems that continuously clean the air.

– Cashless payment

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